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Rare insights into the chivalric age through the eyewitness accounts of two French knightsChronicle of the Fourth Crusade and The Conquest of Constantinopleby Geoffrey de VillehardouinChronicle of the Crusade of St. Louisby Jean de JoinvilleGeoffrey de Villehardouin was an eminent French knight, who set out on the Fourth Crusade in 1199. Pivotally involved in events, including the routing the campaign via Constantinople, his important chronicle was written when his experiences were still fresh in his mind. After the conquest of Byzantium he became a military leader and earned the city of Messinopolis in Thrace and the title Marshal of Champagne. Jean de Joinville embarked upon his crusade-remembered by history as the Seventh Crusade-as a young man in 1248. This Crusade was launched only seven years after the previous one failed and actually managed to briefly occupy Jerusalem. De Joinville was away upon campaign for six years, returning home from Palestine in 1254, though he did not pen his memoir until old age. This is a very 'human ' reporter full of fears, misgivings and able to provide the reader with minute detail of events.This book contains two essential, first hand accounts from the time of the crusades, and gives the reader the rare opportunity to look into the lives of medieval knights on campaign and on the battlefield; both accounts are regarded as important documents of the period.

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