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Life is not exactly a bed of roses for most innovation leaders and intrapreneurs—those assertive, innovative, corporate risk-takers who passionately turn ideas into profitable products. They take on corporate sacred cows and face down challenges that would cause less driven and less talented people to quickly throw their hands down in defeat. They struggle daily to unleash entrepreneurial thinking while dealing with an army of people fiercely dedicated to maintaining the status quo. The question for business leaders is simple: How can innovation leaders and intrapreneurs freely operate in a corporation that wants to keep things the way they are? The answer is also simple…Read The Open Innovation Revolution. This practical guide reveals that, without the right people to drive innovation processes, your odds of success shrink dramatically. And as open innovation becomes the norm, developing the right people skills—networking, communicating with stakeholders, building your personal brand and the ability to sell ideas—is essential for your innovation leaders and intrapreneurs. Starting with a foreword from world-changing innovator and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki, The Open Innovation Revolution looks closely at: Open innovation—the visionary model that more and more companies are adopting Innovation leaders and intrapreneurs—and the essential elements that must be put in place for these people to thrive The people-related roadblocks that can impede innovation and some ways these can be overcome The personal leadership skills you will need to develop as an innovation leader or intrapreneur Written by innovation thought leader Stefan Lindegaard, The Open Innovation Revolution helps you know if open innovation is right for your organization, and then shows you how to prepare those within your organization to make the leap into the challenging, new world of open innovation.

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