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adsorption of actinides

This monograph provides comprehensive coverage of technologies which integrate adsorption and biological processes in water and wastewater treatment. The authors provide both an introduction to the topic as well as a detailed discussion of theoretical and practical considerations. After a review of the basics involved in the chemistry, biology and technology of integrated adsorption and biological removal, they discuss the setup of pilot- and full-scale treatment facilities, covering powdered as well as granular activated carbon. They elucidate the factors that influence the successful operation of integrated systems. Their discussion on integrated systems expands from the effects of environmental to the removal of various pollutants, to regeneration of activated carbon, and to the analysis of such systems in mathematical terms. The authors conclude with a look at future needs for research and develoment. A truly valuable resource for environmental engineers, environmental and water chemists, as well as professionals working in water and wastewater treatment.

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