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God’s Image versus the Ugly Duckling is a book that I not only feel but I also know, without a shadow of a doubt, God placed on my heart to write for you. This is a book that is intended for women, but this can really minister to anyone who battles with feelings of self-worth. I believe that this book was ordained by God, and I was only used as an instrument for him to speak through me to women of all ages out there, who are struggling with self-image issues. This book relates to all women and is full of many wonderful scriptures, regarding the true meaning of beauty and just where it stands with God. It covers some great territory that comes straight from the Word of God. There are times in everyone’s life, at some point, when they have been made to feel like an ugly duckling. There are many women in life that are battling with these feelings at this very moment and are struggling with this on a daily basis. If you are one of these women, then this book is for you. Believe me, I was one of these women that I’m referring to. This book is not meant to cast judgment on anyone but is only meant to help the ones that are willing to read this book. This book will offer you hope through Jesus Christ.When reading the title, it pretty much spells it out for you. This book will encourage you as well as teach you that this is not pleasing to God, nor his will for you to feel like this. You will learn ways of how to overcome while being enlightened by lots of wonderful scripture straigh...

На том портале предоставляется право купить duckling ugly, прежде сверив наилучшие цены. Наилучшая цена duckling ugly берет начало с 19.99 рублей и может заканчиваться 1750 руб. Данный товар возможно приобрести в 7 лучших торговых центрах Рунета, среди которых,,,,,, На середину 2019-го года средняя стоимость для duckling ugly равняется 463.2 руб, а отправка доступна обычно в Екатеринбурге, , Воронеже, Казани, Иркутске, Новокузнецке и Старом Осколе и иных городах. Отзывы о duckling ugly очень хорошие, а торговую марку Elodie Details советуют на форумах почти все посетители портала.

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