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mcneill mcneill пенал овал милашка

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Book Description: In this book, ‘Poems of Palestine’, Fred McNeill turns physical defeat into spiritual victory. He uses his poetic talent to educate, inspire and tug the heart strings of a world that is otherwise fed half truths and inaccuracies by the media. From the outset, with a poem called ‘The Power of Love’, we are led to admire the courage of activists and humanists. We are left with hope at the prospect of "Palestine being free." Between that passionate opening and closing, the book takes us on an emotional journey that deals with some very difficult topics… topics such as internment, death and devastation. However, the poems also expose the organisations that are responsible for the strife; they educate us and remember the victims of Israel's occupation. Fred McNeill and this book of Palestine poems, ultimately serves as the voices of the voiceless. Enjoy!

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