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microbial lipase

Dr. Shreyas A. Bhatt, Ph. D, currently serving as Professor & Head in the Department of Life Sciences, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, Gujarat, India. He possesses over 22 years of experiences in teaching at Masters’ level in the subject of Microbiology, Environmental science and Biotechnology. He has publishing about 25 Research paper in the refereed journals of National and international repute . Dr. Bhatt is also supervising Doctoral Research in Microbiology and Environmental Science. He has successfully guided 10 students, 07 are working for Doctoral degree and over 35 students for M. Phil. degree. He is an Editor and Reviewer of various Research Journals. He has completed 3 research projects funded by U.G.C, and 2 project are going on in the field of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Dr.K.R.shah, Ph.D in microbiology. He has actively working on Microbial Technology and Envi. biotechnology Project like Biopolymer production, Hydrocarbon Degradation, Plant pathogens,plant Tissue culture and Soil Testing Project. Dr.K.R.shah is a Member of Asia-Pacific Chemical,& Environmental Engineering Society & Inter. Asso.of Researcher on Natural Subst.

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